My name is not mommy
My name is not mommy
Balancing your happiness and motherhood

Your Happiness Matters too Mom!


You are more than just a mom, and that's a good thing!

Motherhood is a beautiful experience, but it's all too easy to get so wrapped up in the title, that we forget who we were and who we still are. Before you became a parent, you were you, and it's about time that we gave that beautiful woman some love and attention. Contrary to popular belief, completely drowning and immersing yourself in motherhood isn't the best route to go. In the long run it could leave you feeling burnt out, neglected, resentful and well...maybe even empty.

The key difference between you living on autopilot and merely surviving through motherhood and living a fulfilled, engaged life you truly enjoy is self-care and connection!

If you've ever 

  • Wanted an identity outside of being a mom

  • Got tired of thinking about how things used to be

  • Starting wondering what happened to the woman BC (before children)

  • Felt like there had to be "more" but can't figure out what "more" is

  • Wanted to stop counting down the minutes before bedtime and start enjoying parenting

  • Wanted to live a life filled with purpose and direction

  • BELIEVED motherhood shouldn't be a barrier but motivation for your dreams


Then you're in the right spot momma! I know you Love your kids. There is no need to let me know just how connected they are to your very soul.

but I also know that deep longing to connect with yourself, to fall back in love with the woman you are SEPARATE of your kids, to dream big and live fearlessly. That's a beautiful thing, and not only will it benefit you to live a joyful life, that joy positively effects everything and everyone around you. Including your children! 

There is no better way to show your kids how to live a sincerely happy, full life than to do so yourself! 

You don't have to go at it alone either. Together we can identify your hearts desires, what steps you need to take to begin living a life perfectly designed by you, and how to beautifully meld together all the demands of motherhood and your happiness. It's 100% possible if you're willing to be open, honest and dedicated, and I'll be there to guide and cheer you on the whole way! 


The Happy Mom Mastermind

If you need more balance in motherhood, more connection and more joy, this is just the experience to join in on!

Enrollment will be open soon! If you want to be one of the first to get a heads up click the button below and get the VIP notice.


Online courses/Workshops

Grab the tools and skills you need to navigate motherhood and your happiness, on your time, from where ever you are. These online courses are perfect for busy moms looking to up level their life in the comfort of their home.


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