Laneic Lavalle

Your Happiness Matters too Mom!


Being a single mom doesn't have to hold you back from living an amazing life!

Being a single mom is DEFINITELY a unique challenge. Getting lost in Motherhood is all too easy, and it's that much easier when you're running the show solo. It's so easy to get buried under the stress and get stuck in survival mode. But you don't have to live life feeling like you're constantly digging your way out of quicksand. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to not only be a happy single mom and raise happy children, but you can also thrive and live an epic life.

It's time to start shining momma! The difference between merely surviving being a single mother and living an epic life you love, is your commitment to design that life.

If you've ever 

  • Wanted an identity outside of being a mom


  • Wanted to surpass the stereotypes and statistics of how your life would be as a single parent (or how your children would end up)

  • Gotten tired of thinking about how things used to be and want to move on from the past

  • Felt like there had to be "more" but can't figure out what "more" is

  • Wanted to stop counting down the minutes before bedtime and start enjoying parenting

  • Wanted to live a life filled with purpose and direction

  • BELIEVED single motherhood shouldn't be a barrier but motivation for your dreams

  • Be confident in your decisions and the direction of your life as a single mom and parent


If any of these resonate with you Then you're in the right spot momma! I know it can get rough and be discouraging when you look at the long list of challenges you face, but it's time to take life head on and start living it the way you want to.


There's a deep longing to succeed and not be the stereotype. To create a better life for your child, to connect with yourself and fall back in love with the woman you are. to dream big and live fearlessly.


That's a beautiful thing, and not only will it benefit you to live a joyful life, that joy positively effects everything and everyone around you. Including your children! 

There is no better way to show your kids how to live a sincerely happy, full life than to do so yourself! 


single mom Road Map Workbook

Many women are ready to begin improving their life for themselves and their children but just aren't sure where to start. The Single Moms Road Map Workbook takes you step-by-step to create a plan of action so you can start living life to it's fullest potential. 


The Identity Journal

It's easy for moms (especially single moms!) to get lost in their identity as a mother and completely forget who they are separate of their kids. Identifying and keeping hold of who you are as an individual woman outside of being a mother helps you be a better mom, awaken passions and dreams, and enjoy life more! The Identity Journal is filled with thought provoking journal prompts to help you reconnect with who you are and what you value most! 


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