Laneic Lavalle
Laneic Lavalle
Helping Single Moms Live Epic Lives



I'm Laneic Lavalle.

A busy mom, teacher, and creator of my name is not mommy where I help Single Moms reconnect with who they are, take back the reigns in their life, kick mommy guilt goodbye and fall madly in love with their lives as moms. I help them crush their goals and kick stereotypes on single motherhood to the curb! 

Happiness isn’t something you postpone for the future, it’s something you create for today!

Create a life by your design

There's no reason to wait until your children get older.

did you know there's a way to balance all the demands of being a mother and your own fulfillment and happiness?

Being a single mom does not mean you're destined for a lifelong journey of struggling, being permanently stressed, and living a mundane life.

After all, We only have one life, but if done right that's all we'll need anyway.

having children doesn't mean you have to be forgotten and neglected. Being a single mom doesn't mean you're now stuck by your circumstance.

You can be happy and yes, you can still have goals and dreams, you can still live a passionate, joyful life, you can still have fun and be an amazing mom too. It just takes a little bit of INTENTIONAL action and commitment.

A great way to begin is by making self-care a priority!

You can start by grabbing the self-care menu! When you need a quick moment to RE-ENERGIZE, pick whatever feels most delicious to your soul.