10 Ways I'm Rocking Motherhood (and why you should brag a bit more as well!)

I've been hit! Well...tagged rather! This awesome momma right here ---> Kayla Nickles from Virtuous Mama tagged me to participate in the #rockingmotherhoodchallenge and I'm a little bit more than excited to show off my awesome momma wins. You can check out her challenge here too!  

10 Ways I'm Rocking Motherhood and why you should brag a little bit more as well! -mynameisnotmommy

10 Ways I'm Rocking Motherhood and why you should brag a little bit more as well! -mynameisnotmommy

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It's all too easy for moms to beat themselves up about all our epic failures, so it's nice and refreshing to take a step back and list out some of the ways that I'm making it work as a mom. Celebrating the ways we rock motherhood, even small ways, can tremendously boost our mood. 

Yes, my son's hair needed to be cut a week ago but you know what? He's having a blast at the park that I opted to go to instead.

My house never seems to be clean enough, there's always something to be done, cleaned, scrubbed, examined, and scrubbed again. But I'm spending that time pursuing my dreams instead so those chores can simmer a while longer. 

Instead of focusing on all the ways we feel like we're falling short, it's time to redirect and shine some light on how we're absolutely slaying motherhood. 

So here it goes!

  1. We have adventures of the epic kind. I really believe in paying for experiences rather than toys. So while he doesn't have a mountain of shiny toys that light up and perform open heart surgery and what not, we have great memories exploring museums, walking through parks, visiting aquariums and having family outings. In the long run, I think that's a win on my part. 
  2. I'm getting so good at sticking to my guns about parenting! It's really difficult to stay committed to a parenting choice, especially when others are giving you the side eye, but I'm staying steadfast in my decisions.
  3. I cook. Yup. If you had met me prior to my son you most definitely wouldn't have caught me in a kitchen. Something about needing to feed a mini human sparked a desire in me to learn how to cook, and I must say (aside from my microwave catching on fire last month; totally not my fault) I'm pretty darn good at it. 
  4. I'm raising my son to be an avid reader. I'm a huge bookworm myself so it makes me beam with pride to see my little one reach for a book and ask me to read and be truly interested at that.
  5. My son is exposed to diversity. My family is an insane mix of colors. His dad is Mexican with an accent, one of his aunts is a green-eyed latina, he has beautiful dark skinned cousins, a Philipino grandfather, an "aunt" (one of my best friends) who's a blue-eyed blond raised in Africa, white uncles, and the list could go on and on...needless to say, my son has been exposed to a ton of culture and ethnicity and I'm proud to be raising a child who will appreciate all of them.
  6. He likes anime. Don't judge okay. I'm an anime nerd and will be for life. My son shall be one as well.
  7. We go to church. It's important to me that he's raised in a loving environment and I'm happy to have found a church home that provides that.
  8. He's independent. A gift and a curse. My Montessori training has influenced my parenting so the house is set up to let him access certain things on his own. He can get his own drink of water and fix snack, his toothbrush and potty are set up for him to reach and he's given a lot of space to figure things out. This means that things get...messy sometimes...and broken...and did I say messy? But he's exploring and learning and I wouldn't change it.
  9. Self-care is a priority and I'm getting better about being unapologetic. At first, I was either feeling guilty or feeling guilty or selfish or worried that other people thought I was being selfish, especially if they found out I was teaching other women how to do it too! It's always an ongoing battle but I have to say, I've gotten pretty good telling that negative talk to hush. 
  10. I'm chasing my dreams and parenting. Yup. You can do both! I've figured out that my son isn't a barrier to my dreams, he's motivation. There's no reason why I can't be a #bossmom! 

There you have it! The 10 ways I feel like I'm rocking motherhood. If you're thinking "well, that's all good and dandy but what about the days or the things that you really do suck at?" You're right. There are some things that I drop the ball on often, but those don't define me as a mother. It's important to remember that on those days, or when you make a mistake or fall short, they don't define you. That's what I remind myself when I know I could have done better. And now, I have this nifty little list to refer back to when I need an inspirational pick me up.

But enough about me, what about you? While we might post a cute meme here and there about being a super mom, when was the last time you've really looked at yourself and said "Well, aren't I just rocking this whole mom thing today?" You do quite a bit and even those little things add up, I think moms are too dismissive about their feats of accomplishments and when we start dimming those successes, it's far easier to focus on what you didn't do. Maybe you're not the type to go around shouting a list of ways you're rocking motherhood but here are 3 quick tips to make sure you're giving yourself the acknowledgment you deserve. 

1. Self-care! (Did you know I'd say this? haha). There's really no better way to reward yourself for being an awesome boss mom then to take time to care for yourself. I'd even argue that this shouldn't even be a reward but it can be a great way to motivate you into making self-care a regular part of your life. So you survived a hard week and kept you kids fed and loved and maintained most of your sanity? Spend that Saturday having lunch with a good friend, have a Friday night Netflix binge of a show other than Daniel the Tiger, enroll yourself in that pottery class for next week. Do something for yourself!

2. Affirmations. It's nice to walk into your room and see a little sticky note reminding you of how awesome you are. Take some time to write out some affirmations about motherhood so throughout the day (particularly rough days) you can come across a note helping you refocus on how you can make your toddler giggle and not on the tantrum he had because you wouldn't let him eat the dog food. 

3. Join a community of supportive women. Surround yourself with women who are willing to give you words of encouragement. Not only can you reach out to them for advice, but there's something about being able to offer your own words of wisdom and help that serves as a great reminder about how awesome you are. (P:S- feel free to leave some words of encouragement for moms in the comments! You know, practice and all).

Being a mom is no walk in the park and when it comes down to it, we might not ever get all the accolades we deserve for raising another human. So it's up to us to make sure we're pouring in the self-love and encouragement for ourselves! 

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