Getting Creative With your Kids in 10 Minutes or Less: Guest Post

Looking for a way to spark some creativity in your little one? Check out this guest post by Kandice Cole! 

5 ways to spark your kids creativity in 10 minutes or less guest post -mynameisnotmommy 

5 ways to spark your kids creativity in 10 minutes or less guest post -mynameisnotmommy 

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All kids are creative. They come up with some of the most interesting solutions to solve problems, like how to convince you to let them stay up later by asking for water or another story. Creativity is a natural part of who they are. Unfortunately, kids don't always get enough time to express their creativity because of busy schedules or a lack of focus on building creativity as schools.

Helping your child be creative is an important part of their growth.  It helps them to develop into curious learners and quickly adapt to changing situations. Creativity is also an important skill that could serve them in the future when applying for jobs or starting businesses.  Creativity needs to be cultivated and practiced just like anything else. Over time, with consistent practice, your child can learn to use their creativity to solve their problems and see the world in a new way. The great thing? It doesn't have to take a lot of time to nurture their creative side. You can help your child be more creative by doing simple activities for a few minutes each day. Here are five ideas you can try right away.

Mystery Box: Find 3 random items around the house.  Ask your child to come up with a way to make these objects work together. They might create an invention, write a poem, or do something entirely different. Allow them to explore what they could do with all the objects and try it with them, too!

What Else? Pull something out of your purse. Ask your child to think of two more ways to use the object. For example, we know a pen is for writing, but it could be a wand or even a magic portal to an unknown land. This is a great activity to do in the car or when waiting at the doctor.

Alternative Endings: After watching a movie or tv show, ask your child to think of another way the story could have ended. Let them tell you the ending or they can show you what their thinking in another way like drawing it out instead.

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Stranded on an Island: Choose three or four random items. Ask your child which item they would want to have if they were stranded on an island and why they think this item is the best choice.   

Music Writing: Play a song for 1 minute and ask your child to write or draw whatever comes to mind. This is another great one to do alongside your child and compare what you both created while the music was playing.

I hope these activities inspire you as you continue to find creative ways to teach your child!


Kandice Cole is a teacher, writer, and curriculum consultant. She creates engaging content for children, teachers, parents, and nannies. She recently created an online community for parents called Teach it Yourself.  She currently lives in Chicago with her husband and 17-month old daughter.

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