5 Ways to Show Kindness Without Spending Money

As a mom, I’m aiming to raise a son who is kind spirited and giving. And after reading the book “Love Does” by Bob Goff and hearing him speak at my church, I’m convinced one of the best ways to do this is by demonstrating kindness myself. Not only is this a great example for my son, but being kind to people is an amazing way for mothers to boost their own moods and you never know whose day you’ve just affected in a positive way.

When most people think of random acts of kindness, it usually comes in the form of paying for someone else’s coffee or buying someone in need some food or donating to the shelter. But sometimes, money just isn’t available for us to give away to spend on someone else. So, I’ve thought up with 5 unique ways to show kindness, without spending money.

5 Ways to Show Kindness Without Spending Money -mynameisnotmommy

5 Ways to Show Kindness Without Spending Money -mynameisnotmommy

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1.       Leave a thank you note to staff. This can be leaving a note for the maintenance person to see when they come to fix something in your apartment, leaving a note for the mailman, giving a thank you card to a barista that fixes your drink every morning etc. I personally don’t always show enough appreciation for people who are spending their time doing something for me, even if it’s just a small task; and I would bet that they don’t get a thank you very often.

2.       Compliment a stranger. I once told a girl who gave me my food in the drive through window that her makeup was flawless (because it was! Like, she looked like Beyonce’s makeup team was sitting in her bathroom ready to apply her makeup.). The way her face lit up was pretty awesome. Small things, like a genuine compliment from a complete stranger, can be a powerful act of kindness. I think it would make my day too if someone complimented me randomly too. 

3.       Be kind to the person who you really don’t want to be kind to. You know the woman that glared at you because your grocery cart was blocking the aisle? Offer her a smile. The guy that’s been riding your tail for 4 miles and now needs you to change lanes? Let him over (ahem, without cursing). The co-worker who’s slacked off and now you’re left to pick it up? Ask how she’s doing. Combat your own negative feelings by offering kindness. In all honesty, this might not change the other person’s behavior. The lady might still glare after you smile, the guy might still be a jerk 2 miles later, and your co-worker might brush you off. But at the end of the day, that negative energy is now their problem and a load off your shoulders. All you can do is offer kindness, you can’t force people to accept it.

4.       Use the power of social media. Places like Facebook and Twitter get a bad reputation as breeding grounds for online trolls and bullies, so a great act of kindness can be to offer some positive vibes online. Drop a couple of nice compliments on pictures, stop by someone’s page and put a nice message or reconnect with an old friend over Facebook Messenger.

5.       Leave an encouraging note in the lady’s restroom for someone else to see. Women are extremely critical of themselves so leaving a nice note (on a sticky note or napkin or something, please don’t sharpie the stalls lol) might give someone a boost in encouragement. Place it near the mirror, so if whoever happens to see it just spent moments over analyzing herself in the mirror she gets to glance down at your note and leave on a positive note.

There you have it: 5 unique ways to show kindness without spending money. And a bonus tip? Smile! Most of us go throughout the day with either a stoic face or a “talk to me and you die” face plastered on. If someone catches your smile, they might not smile back, but it certainly leaves a positive mark and a great way to give a little kindness and when all else fails a smile is always free.

 5 Ways to Show Kindness