Self-care for the Busy Momma

I've said it a million times and I'll probably say it a billion more: self-care is always easier said than done, especially if you're a busy mom. Becoming a mother doesn't mean life pauses for us and slows down, so more times than not things just keep piling up, with our to-do list becoming overwhelmingly loooooong. 

I know for myself personally, I still kept my ambitions and purpose filled mindset (Well... after some work, I regained it I should stay, but that's another blog post altogether haha), so finding time for self-care between my business, working as an Early Childhood Educators (shout out to all my ECE's!!!) and being a mom can seem impossible. But I understand the importance and make it happen. 

Self-care for the busy mom

Self-care for the busy mom

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If you find yourself trying to squeeze some self-care in too. Here's a small list for inspiration for quick self-care activities you can do anywhere.

  • Use guided meditations. You can find some good ones on youtube or check out the app Headspace. Some of these are quick 10 minute meditations but can really help you relax and slow down.
  •  A quick walk. Especially if you're in a cubical all day or in the house with your little ones. A short walk outside can boost your mood and combat tiredness/fatigue. 
  • Color. Yup. Doodling and coloring have been a hit lately for adults and for a good reason. It's calming and relieves stress. If you'd like some peaceful irony this "swear" coloring book is pretty fun. If not there's plenty of beautiful coloring books like this one you can try out. 
  • Affirmations. Pop into the bathroom, look in the mirror and remind yourself why you're an awesome, goal crushing, gentle-handed, lion heart, beautiful momma.
  • Brain Dump. Declutter your mind and list down whatever pops up. I personally like to "categorize". I'll list down all the things that are stressing me in my journal, all the crazy wacky ideas I have, silly dreams, or song lyrics that I CAN NOT get out of my head. 
  • Socialize. Human interaction is important for mothers. Humans are social creatures after all. Take a quick 10 minutes and call up and old friend
  • Cat naps. Learn the art of quick napping. They say 20 minutes is enough to recharge your battery but because you don't fall into a deep groggy sleep, you won't wake up fatigued. If you're at work and you're just not comfortable napping in your car or elsewhere, work from home or a SAHM and don't want to risk the littles burning down the house, a quiet time works. Spend 10 minutes and get comfortable in silence. Just take the time to BE.
Pin it! Self-care Ideas for a Busy Mom

Pin it! Self-care Ideas for a Busy Mom

There are a ton of reasons why a momma might be busy: going to school, entrepreneurship, WAHM's, working moms, SAHM's, you name it; but it's important to take care of yourself as well! Burning the candle at both ends doesn't benefit anybody and just leaves you burned out. 

The Mom Project

I got the awesome opportunity to discuss self-care for busy moms with Kristie McCollum from CEOmom. She hosted The Mom Project: a virtual summit for moms looking to empower themselves in all facets of their lives, from motherhood to health and entrepreneurship. The guest speakers are AMAZING powerhouse women who spent some time sharing their knowledge to help navigate through motherhood easier. 

The live event was March 1st-3rd 2017 so if you're reading this in the future, don't despair!  You can still grab the All Access Pass by clicking here

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