The Importance of a Self-care Routine

Self-care is important for moms. Why?

  • Your children depend on your well-being
  • You're able to put your best foot forward
  • Improved mental/physical/emotional health

But why does making an actual routine matter? Why not just go with the flow and let self-care happens when it does? 

The importance of a self-care routine

The importance of a self-care routine

A moment of honesty here moms; I'm awful with schedules and routines. I've always been a scattered brain, squirrel type of person. My friends have just come to accept and expect me to be late and even make accommodations for it, i.e telling me the time is 7:30 when it's actually 8 (don't judge). You know- the whole go where ever the river may lay type of personality. So the idea of making self-care a routine was something that required some discipline on my part. But here's something I learned along the way.

The more I winged self-care, the less it happened.

Prior to having a child, self-care just kind of happened because there was no one else to worry about. If I was tired, I napped, if I needed space, I took off for the weekend, if I was stressed, I pressed time out and no one was affected. However, as a mom, self-care has to be an intentional action. If not, it often get's placed to the wayside among all the chaos of motherhood.

Having an actual self-care routine can help you make sure that you're getting that time that you need for yourself. You're less likely to spend that time doing something else like laundry or errands because it's scheduled along with everything. If you're thinking, "when I get some free time" I could imagine that would mean almost never. "Free time" is rare for moms, there's always something to be done. On the rare occasion that there is free-time I could imagine most moms fill it in with more tasks or spend it scrolling through social media.

Having a routine can help ensure that we're getting that time for ourselves and using it wisely. Having an idea of the things you enjoy makes it more likely that you'll do it.

On top of making sure self-care happens, making an actual routine can help turn an every-once-in-a-while thing into a regular practice. Self-care is at its best when it's an ongoing practice. Self-care should be a journey, meaning you should always be checking your own needs and refilling your cup. 

The cup metaphor is always a good one to use. The more you pour, the more you need to refill. An occasional drop of water back into the pitcher isn't going to be enough eventually. Having an actual routine, a self-care plan that you have committed to can help you stay on track and keep that metaphorical cup filled. 


Self-care Journey for moms

Self-care Journey for moms

 The importance of a self-care routine for mom