There's No Trophy for being Tired Mom

Have you ever fell into one of these conversations:

You start off venting about something your child did that day that drove you absolutely nuts. You describe in detail the chaos of morning breakfast, or the absolute meltdown your kid had in the store, or how you’ve slept less than 8 hours over the last 5 days with your toddler transitioning to a big kid bed. Immediately afterward the mom you’re talking to chimes in with her own horror story.

Breakfast was chaos for you? Well, listen to what her kid did at lunch. Your kid threw an epic tantrum in Target? Guess who peed in the play area at the mall? You were lucky enough to get 8 hours? Well, she got 5. You’re stressed, well she’s at her wits end!

It’s almost as if we’re trying to out-do each other’s tiredness. We keep adding things onto our plate thinking if we’re not slamming our heads into a wall then obviously, we’re not parenting. Like there’s some shiny golden trophy (marked with jelly and “erasable marker” of course) for being the most exhausted mom out there.

But, there is no trophy for being tired mom.

There's no Trophy for being Tired Mom

There's no Trophy for being Tired Mom

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for venting and letting another mom vent to me too. Letting off some steam is healthy and needed.

But there’s no need make sure you’re tired or do more to ensure you’re more tired than Jonny’s mom. Those moments will come to you, I guarantee it. There’s no need to invite it over.

But, being utterly exhausted is not the mark of a good mother. You can be well rested, happy, centered, peaceful, and content and still be a good mom. Just because you’re not running yourself ragged 24/7 and don’t have any horror stories for the day doesn’t mean you’ve missed the mark somewhere.

So, dear mom, if today is a day of rest, indulge in it. Soak it up. Welcome peaceful days where you’re not tired and don’t feel awful about it. It makes you happy, and happy energy is contagious which means your littles ones will catch it too.

It’s tempting when we’re going 100 miles per hour to feel like we should keep that pace all day or lose the race but it’s simply not true. There’s no need to add stress where there is none. There’s no trophy for being tired- so relax beautiful momma, and enjoy your day.

 There's no trophy for being tired -enjyoing the moments of peace