5 Ways Mom Can Spark Her Creativity

Having a release for creativity is beneficial for a lot of reasons, especially for moms. Not only does watching mom get creative and get into a hobby encourage your children to follow suit, but it can help alleviate stress, give you a sense a purpose and reinforce your identity, and well, just add some more fun to your life!

So here are 5 ways you can get those creativity vibes going!

5 ways mom can spark creativity

5 ways mom can spark creativity

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1.       Do something different. Breaking routine can help inspire something new in you. Try doing a new activity or venture out and have a mini road trip to the next city over.

2.       Create a vision board. When you have a vision of how you want something to be, you can start drumming up ways you can make that happen and it might spark something creative in you. 

3.       Have a go-to notebook for your ideas. Ever thought about something fascinating while walking or had an odd thought pop in your head right before bed? Jot it down in your notebook. It doesn’t matter if it’s something completely random or crazy because you don’t have to do anything with these idea, but when you’re looking for some inspiration later on, you can refer to your idea notebook. You might find something worthwhile. 

5 Ways Mom Can Spark Creativity -makeit218 

5 Ways Mom Can Spark Creativity -makeit218 

4.       Watch your children. Kids are a wealth of inspiration and creativity. The way they view the world is beautiful and strange and in hues of possibility and dreams. Observe them while they’re playing or listen in on a conversation with their friend and you might find some inspiration. (Once I watched my son gain a friend through two simple sentences. The small exchange sparked a short story of poems I later wrote in my poetry journal!)

5.       Don’t block your own way. Be careful not to squash your own creativity with self-doubt or judgment. Just because you feel like you can’t draw doesn’t mean you certainly can’t try if you want to. Or don’t let your fear of how you’ll look stop you from trying out Zumba. You might already have an idea in mind that you want to pursue that you keep turning down because of your own reservations.

Try some of these out and see if they don’t spark something in you and unleash a bit of creativity. You have a lot to offer the world through your creativity. As the song goes, don’t be afraid to “express yo self” (did you read it the same way you sing the song? Haha).

 5 ways mom can spark creativity -makeit218