3 Ways Self-Care Helps me Tackle Tough Times

Self-care doesn’t mean that suddenly everything is all sunshine and rainbows. Just because I meditate in the morning, doesn’t mean difficult times are suddenly going skip my life. I’m not sure I’d want it to… they do say you can’t fully appreciate the sunshine without experiencing the rain anyway.

What self-care can do however is help you tackle those hard times a bit better. Your “bounce back” will take less time and effort, and the strength you gain from a regular self-care routine can help you navigate your struggles with more grace. Your self-care routine can even help your family. When you’re centered, your children know they can go to mom to find some stability.  

Here are 3 ways that I’ve personally had self-care help me tackle hard times, and hopefully do the same for you.

3 Ways Self-care helps me tackle tough times -makeit218.com

3 Ways Self-care helps me tackle tough times -makeit218.com

1.       Develop confidence I can use. Affirmations, focusing on my strengths, taking part in activities that encourage self-love, and all that good stuff, help build up my confidence level. When you have a sense of confidence in yourself it’s easier facing other people’s judgment on your decisions or harder to be persuaded into something you don’t believe in.

2.       Stay rooted in my identity. When tough times hit, it’s so easy to get pulled away from who you are. You focus too much on one component of yourself, or just get lost altogether. This means it’s easier to start taking on identities not your own, which can be stressful, or feel like you have no purpose, which slips you into living in “survival mode” instead of experiencing life. When you’ve started the process of connecting with your authentic self and the different components of this, you’re less likely to let external circumstances misguide you in the wrong direction. 

3.       Positive perspective. Self-care has led me to start thinking more positively about things instead of focusing on the negative. Even in challenging times, writing in my gratitude journal reminds me that I still have so much to celebrate, mediating allows me to be comfortable in the moment and realize that moments do indeed pass, even difficult ones, and prayer reminds me that I have the strength to overcome my challenges. Your self-care routine can help you become more solution oriented instead of focusing on everything that has and can go wrong.

There are a ton of other ways self-care has helped me tackle hard times but these are the ones that have really made an impact in my life. Has a self-care practice helped you through a rough patch? Let me know!

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