Authentic Self-care for Moms

The concept of self-care is rather simple in nature, you do more of the things that make you happy. Refresh, recharge, take time out for you. Literally, taking care of yourself.

When it comes to self-care, the first thought that pops into our minds is a nice day at the spa, maybe come candles, indulging in a favorite cup of tea. For mother’s it’s probably quiet. No kids, no one asking for mommy, just silence.

I personally really enjoy spa days; face masks, sugar scrubs, and the whole thing. But self-care for me is so much deeper and meaningful, and I think it can be for you too. When you break past the surface of what self-care can be, the results are truly remarkable.

Authentic self-care for mom -makeit218

Authentic self-care for mom -makeit218

When it comes to marriage and dating, experts always are sure to remind couples that it takes work. For the relationship to succeed, you should never cease to stop trying to pursue them. Every day should be an attempt to have them fall maddingly in love with you again.

Authentic self-care for moms -makeit218

Authentic self-care for moms -makeit218

That’s what self-care is my dear.

Self-care on a deeper level is falling in love with yourself every single day.

Doing things to stay connected and in tune with who you are.

Catering to your needs.

Building up sustainable peace within yourself that stays present during hard times.

Growing confidence in yourself.

Being insanely open and honest with yourself.

Pursuing your passions despite fear.

Reminding yourself that you deserve a full, happy life.

Refusing to live in survival mode.

Falling in love with who you were, who you are and who you will be.

Self-care extends beyond just massages and treat-your-self days of chocolate. It takes work, and sometimes it forces you to confront some not so pleasant revelations.

There isn’t going to be a magical day when you can wake up and say “bam! I’ve mastered self-care” because self-care is a continuous journey. It evolves as you do, it grows and shifts with you. You’ll have to be intentional about your self-care, especially as a mother. For us, self-care, especially on a deeper level, can be pushed aside and forgotten under the weight of all our other responsibilities. But it’s necessary and possible.

Authentic self-care is making a commitment to fall in love with yourself every single day -makeit218

Authentic self-care is making a commitment to fall in love with yourself every single day -makeit218

Taking self-care to a new level requires a bit of courage. As I mentioned, it’s work, and because honesty is involved, it can open some door to things we’ve been avoiding for too long. Sometimes, reconnecting with who you really are can send us running in circles, after all, we’ve taken on the title of “mom” and that can easily overshadow everything else.

But I encourage you to take the steps anyway. Really delve into the idea of pursuing yourself. See yourself in a new light, full of intention and happiness. You were designed very purposefully and with love, so see what happens when you start living like it. See how it changes your life, your kids lives, your spouse and co-workers. Journey into authentic self-care and I promise, just like I did, you’ll delight in the path that it takes you.

Authentic self-care for moms -makeit218