Fun Holiday Traditions for Single Moms

Becoming a single mom usually means having to rearrange our idea of "traditional" family traditions. However, there's no reason why you can't still do all those same fun family traditions with your kids (or create new ones just for yourself!). Just because you're a single mom doesn't mean your family isn't anymore complete than a traditional nuclear family with mom, dad, and kids. Here are some great ideas that some awesome single mom gave moms on how they celebrate the holidays with their kids!

 Holiday Traditions Single Moms Will Love -mynameisnotmommy

Holiday Traditions Single Moms Will Love -mynameisnotmommy

  • Ihop on thanksgiving (because cooking a huge meal on Thanksgiving for two seems silly!)
  • Having a small table top tree we use for all the different holidays. This mom decorates the small tree very every holiday, including Halloween. Being a single mom gave her the freedom to start the tradition with her kids since her former spouse wasn't a fan of the idea.
  • Throw a Christmas Day party with a huge breakfast. This moms family and her child's friends come over to open presents and eat then play with toys.
  • Themed Pajama party. 
  • Movie nights and game night 
  • Wear matching onsies and Christmas pjs while drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies while watching a movie.
  • Cookie swap at Christmas with mom's and daughters at our house.
  • Volunteering at Thanksgiving for the elderly.
  • Christmas eve box! 
  • Don't make the big expensive gifts from Santa. You work hard for those, take the credit!
  • Custom Christmas Ornaments that represent the family every year. 
  • A box from his elf with PJ's, and an ornament to hang on the tree


  • Christmas Eve night get hot chocolate and a snack from the gas station and drive around looking at Christmas lights and watching the sky for Santa's sleigh and singing along to Christmas music. 


  • Because money can be tight, my kids on my get 5 Christmas gifts: Something you want, something to read, something to wear, something to read and something from Santa.
  • All year at thrift stores find Christmas books (25) then wrap each one and every night before bed unwrap and read a story. "Twas the Night Before Christmas" is always given on Christmas Eve.
  • Make our own Christmas ornaments for our tree, one year cheerios, cardboard cut outs, last year bought some clear plastic ornaments from Walmart and painted them.

(These awesome ideas were given by the single moms in the Facebook Group Single Moms Moving Forward)

Here are a few more ideas too!

  • "Planting" Candy Canes and watching them spring up on Christmas (cover a regular mint in a flower pot and on Christmas, put Candy Canes in the pot)
  • Santa's/Reindeer Foot Prints
  • Decorate a "Stop Here" sign for Santa on Christmas Eve
  • Gingerbread Home Competition 
  • Mailing out Christmas Cards
  • Writing Santa a letter
  • Participating in a Charity event as a family
  • Elf on the Shelf with a twist (using a favorite doll or action figure instead)
  • Halloween fashion show

For me personally, I go out to get coffee with my mom and now that my son is older, I'll be doing Elf on the Shelf (a tradition I also do with my preschool classroom!). What awesome Holiday Traditions will you be starting with you kids?

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Christmas Traditions Single Moms Will Love