An Anchor in the Storm

Life as a mother can be chaotic. There were some days when I felt like I was just sitting in my little row boat with my newborn, being tossed around by the waves and watching the water pool in around my feet. These storms had me paralyzed in anxiousness and fear. Finances, stress, self-esteem, exhaustion and loneliness were threatening to topple over my humble little boat and leave me and my beautiful son lost at sea. I spent a lot of time praying for something or someone to come to our rescue and save us.

It took some deep soul searching to realize I was the one poking the holes in my boat but I gained clarity when I realized this as well. I didn't have complete control over what happened to me, but I did have control over how I reacted to it. This led to an even bigger revelation- I had complete control over my own happiness. I didn't need something or someone to save me.

I made the decision to be my own anchor in the midst of my storms. I took back control and realized that I already had everything that I needed; I just needed to trust myself.

This didn't mean I woke up one day and said "I'm going to be happy! I won't let this bring me down!" and then everything started to perfectly align. Struggles still popped up, but this time around I was prepared and confident enough to take the steps I needed to recenter and refocus myself. When a storm appeared on my horizon, instead of fearing for the future and hoping for a savior, I hunkered down and threw my own anchor.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves as women and as mother's is realize the immense amount of power we have within ourselves. 

You're already equipped with all the tools you need to weather the storm! Now it's just time to trust in this and tap into that beautiful resource.