Self-care for your Child's Sake

When it comes to a mother's child, we'll go to the ends of the earth to ensure they're happy and taken care of and sometimes that means rearranging and prioritizing things in our lives. Some things are quietly placed in the "dream drawer" and we focus our attention on catapulting our little one's dreams forward. We pour are resources and energy into them to help them develop into happy, self confident and successful adults. It's a beautiful trait to have and a requirement of parenting but there's one big power of influence that we're missing out on utilizing.

The power of example.

Our children are watching us. They soak up everything we do and provide the perfect playback for us. If we desire for our children to be happy, one of the best things we can do for them, is to be happy ourselves.

Many of our kids habits and normalized routines are a reflection of what they grew up around. So when they see mommy set boundaries, pursue her own goals, and actively take the reigns in her happiness, they're most likely going to follow. By taking care of yourself you're sending a clear message to your child that you want them to have as they become adults: "you deserve happiness and you have every right to seek it apologetically".

Instilling this trait in them doesn't raise self centered jerks if done right. It gives them the confidence to not settle for mediocrity in relationships, jobs and other opportunities. It gives them the desire to seek out ways to improve their lives when they're unhappy instead of lingering in self pity. It also gives them a steadfast understanding that life isn't something meant to be dragged through, but to be experienced fully. Giving our kids the gift of knowing their happiness, desires and self care is a priority sets them up for success in many, if not all, avenues of their life.

And while we can tell them this on a regular basis, nothing has quite the same impact as watching it. So go out there momma and love yourself! Fearlessly seek out your happiness, set time for yourself on a regular basis to recenter, regroup and breathe. Not just for yourself, but for your children too!