3 Questions to Ask: Is it Clutter or Not?

Clutter. Things that take up space for absolutely no reason at all. As a matter of fact, the word clutter is synonymous with the word “litter”. It’s junk.

When we let clutter slowly accumulate in any aspect of our lives, whether it’s physical space, mental space or spiritual space, we start feeling the negative repercussions of having junk around. Our space as mothers is valuable so it's important to make sure that we’re not letting clutter eat it all up. It’s an aspect of self-care that we often overlook and that can even make us think that we don’t have any room or time for self-care.

It can be difficult however to decide what's taking up space. The "I might need that later" bug is tricky and can convince us to hoard many things that are simple collecting figurative... or literal, dust on the self. Here are three things you should consider about the possessions and thoughts/feelings you might be hoarding.

  1. Do you have enough space for the things that matter? Really look at your priorities; I mean deep, soul-searching kind of evaluations, and see what things you’ve put to the forefront that don’t actually require your attention and what things you’ve been neglecting in favor of those (ahem, your well-being? Self-care? Mommy time perhaps?). If you think of something and your first thought about it is “meh”, it’s most likely clutter. This doesn’t just have to be physical things like the stack of old magazine’s no one ever reads on your coffee table (throw them away!). This can also be thoughts or worries that in the long run don’t actually matter. Is stressing over XYZ helping you at all? Is it providing value to spend the majority of your day worrying over something? If not, it’s clutter. Get rid of it and make room for something that does matter.

  2. The space is being used by something valuable and meaningful. Tying into the first one, is it valuable? Like truly. Does it evoke positive feelings, is it beautiful to you, does it enlighten you in some way? OR is it just taking up space and has no other purpose but to just be there?

  3. You’re not forcing valuable things to share space with clutter. So maybe you’ve decided you need to keep EVERYTHING. Yes. You do need those stack of magazines and all those pieces of mail sitting by the door, and you’ll never get rid of those recycled Tupperware containers with missing lids. Yes. You do need to worry about what your coworkers think of you and how that PTA mom kept staring at your son while he threw a tantrum, and you do need to stress about your in-laws not liking Thanksgiving dinner last year so you need to do much better this year. Yes. This matters. That matters. You’re keeping it ALL!  

         That’s fine if it’s truly important. But a great way to narrow down the list? If it’s sharing space with something, is it going to negatively affect it? Sure, you could keep the magazines but does it make the rest of your beautiful living room look constantly unorganized and messy?

You could worry about the PTA mom but does it distract you from fully enjoying your son's soccer game when she’s there?

You could go above and beyond for Thanksgiving this year to impress your in-laws but are you so stressed about it that you’re not valuing the time with your family?

Whatever you decide to keep, pair it with something important and see if it’s a compliment or if it casts a shadow. If it’s not a compliment, it’s most likely clutter.

Find ways to declutter your life, physical space, mental space and spirtual space! 

Find ways to declutter your life, physical space, mental space and spirtual space! 

If you've nodded your head a few times, it might be time to go on a decluttering (is that a word?) spree. No worries, it's not as awful as it sounds. But if you'd like a little bit of help, I've got you covered! Get the Declutter Checklist in your inbox to help you keep track of where you need to make some space! Click Here