About Makeit218

Hola! Thanks for stopping by. Makeit218 is the official blog for it's parent company MynameisNOTmommy, The primary focus here? Helping single moms absolutely rock at life- 'cause when we're strong so is our family!

Originally I focused on just self-care and motherhood in general but I realized I was omitting a very important part of my story! I was and am a single mom, and my experiences and journey have been significantly shaped by that. I felt the urge to not only share this part of my story but help moms navigate through their single mom journey as well and shine! I'm a single mom and although statistically I should be depressed and in a constant state of stress and struggle, I'm living life happily and my son is thriving. That's possible for any mom!

I'm still all about self-care, regardless if you're a single mom or not though, :) 

My Story

My self-care journey was actually stumbled on really. Before my son it was just something I did. It was already ingrained in me because I didn't have anyone else to care for. If I needed a nap, I napped, if I needed some space from people, I took space, etc. Becoming a single mom meant I had to be purposeful about my self-care and now that another mini human was depending on me, I simply didn't know how to do it! I tried desperately to do EVERYTHING. And when it all fell apart I struggled to find a balance. What was I supposed to be doing, how could I keep my identity and still be a mom? How the heck was I supposed to rest? I couldn't understand how I could be a good mother and still follow my own life's path and do it as a solo parent at that. It seemed impossible, overwhelming even. 

It was a hard journey that meant I had to face some very tough truths about myself, make some very hard decisions, and have enough courage to stop resisting change and growth.

Long story short, I was blessed to have a support system take some of the load off, giving me space and time to fumble through and figure it out. I learned how my self-care practices were short-sighted, how I was sabotaging myself and my success with my mindset on being a single mother and how to take responsibly and start designing my life the way I wanted. 

I know however that my situation is unique. Not very many moms have a support system to help them fumble through and figure it out. That's where I come in :) I made it my mission to help guide other single moms live a life they are absolutely in love with! 


General info about me?

I'm a mom (wouldn't it be weird if I wasn't? haha). And my son is totally epic! He's the epitome of a brave, powerful heart and loving soul combined.

I got to play Army for 4 years, starting out pursuing a career as a Behavior Analyst for the FBI cause I watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds. It was pretty epic but boy did I burn out hard my sons first year! So I switched gears. 

My heart is in writing and Early Childhood Education, specifically the Montessori philosophy and Reggio Emilia (if you're a teacher check out my other biz, I think you'll love it!) and I love making new connections with people.

I love hearing feedback from my readers! Stop by the contact page and let's chat! I'll do my best to respond in a reasonable time frame.

Heads up! Disclaimer- 

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