My name is not mommy
My name is not mommy
Balancing your happiness and motherhood



I'm Laneic Lavalle.

A busy mom, teacher, and creator of my name is not mommy where I help women reconnect with who they are, take back the reigns in their life, kick mommy guilt goodbye and fall madly in love with their lives as moms, by taking care of themselves first! 

Happiness isn’t something you postpone for the future, it’s something you create for today!

Create a life by your design

There's no reason to wait until your children get older.

did you know there's a way to balance all the demands of being a mother and your own fulfillment and happiness?

We only have one life, but if done right that's all we'll need anyway.

having children doesn't mean you have to be forgotten and neglected. yes, you can still have goals and dreams, you can still live a passionate, joyful life, you can still have fun and be an amazing mom too. It just takes a little bit of INTENTIONAL action and commitment.

A great way to begin is by making self-care a priority!

You can start by grabbing the self-care menu! When you need a quick moment to RE-ENERGIZE, pick whatever feels most delicious to your soul.