Laneic Lavalle



I'm Laneic Lavalle.

A busy Single mom, teacher, and creator of my name is not mommy where I help Single Moms reconnect with who they are, take back the reigns in their life, kick mommy guilt goodbye and fall madly in love with their lives as moms. I help them crush their goals and kick stereotypes on single motherhood to the curb! 

Happiness isn’t something you postpone for the future, it’s something you create for today!

Create a life by your design

The Broke, Unhappy, Single Mom Stereotype is outdated. 

Being a single mom does not mean you're destined for a lifelong journey of struggling, being permanently stressed, and living a mundane life.

After all, We only have one life, but if done right that's all we'll need anyway.

the STEREOTYPE of single moms waiting lazily outside the welfare office and constantly stirring up baby mama drama is outdated and false.

we can be happy, we can be successful, we can be wonderful moms living rich, full lives filled with joy. We just have to ditch the old STEREOTYPE and narratives and embrace everything that we deserve.

It just takes a little bit of INTENTIONAL action and commitment.



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